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Integratis Sales Competency Analysis and Skills Assessment

The Integratis sales skills assessment offers full functionality in online assessment and reporting. The sales skills tool is designed to offer the ability for a ‘360’ assessment in which the sales people use the tool for a self-assessment and their manager provides his/her assessment. This then forms the basis of a manager/sales person coaching session. The Skills Assessment process saves time and money, it:

  • Ensures the people with the right competencies can be matched to the right job roles
  • Ensures training and development efforts are targeted to bridge the gaps according to business priorities
  • Provides a systematic and rigorous process for assessing your people effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrates your commitment to effectively develop your people

All the above contribute to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Increased Training Productivity

A primary objective is to create a firm foundation for identifying skill gaps and therefore to target sales skills development towards skill gaps – targeted training maximizes ROI.

Effective scheduling of courses by time, place and individual’s development needs helps keep course fill rates high. That means the right people doing the right training at the right time. Training solutions will increase revenue through faster delivery of that solution.


The Skills Assessment process provides a systematic and rigorous process for assessing sales people effectively and efficiently. Targeted your training at an individual level demonstrates your commitment to effectively develop employees.

This contributes to increased employee motivation, satisfaction and retention as well as staff better trained to add value. The ability to see career paths and succession plans also adds to the motivational influences on the employees.


We can tie training directly to the strategic goals of the organization. Being able to map the training dollars against these strategic goals enables an easier measurement of the return on the training investment.

“One telecom client have estimated that, as a result of the skills assessment process, they will save 25% of their total $24M annual training budget by providing better targeted training to their employees”.


Competency Analysis and Skills Assessment Program will enable you to target recruitment more specifically to find the right people with the right skills for individual business groups. Therefore resource gaps as well as training gaps will be identified.

Managing Your Human Capital

Our Skills Assessment System empowers you to make informed decisions regarding:

  • Which employees have what skills and the level of those skills
  • The competencies required to meet its future business commitments
  • The competency gaps and the critical areas requiring attention
  • Training and development needs as well as recruitment requirements

Skills Assessment Process

We recommend the following detailed implementation plan to ensure a complete survey of skills and competencies, successful analysis of the results and actionable data going forward. The implementation process is as follows:

Phase 1: Planning and Project Set-up

A half day workshop is conducted to fully align all stakeholders around the desired outcomes of the project. This ensures that the core business objectives are reflected, and any future benchmark requirements are determined.

The following requirements will be defined in this phase of the project:

  • Key stakeholders’ expectations
  • Risk assessment to ensure that risks are understood and controlled
  • Survey communication and promotion plan
  • Survey reporting (i.e. summary presentation outline, individual and manager)
  • Project schedule (including project milestones and sign-off)

Phase 2: Development of the Survey Solution

Integratis develops a tailored competency assessment which fully reflects the business requirements of each client. The survey will be designed for efficient data collection and reporting.

The sales skills assessment can be adapted to focus questions towards identifying specific areas of weakness which can lead to predictive analysis of what future development the sales person may require. The skills assessment will help the sales person and manager to focus on which needs to be developed. We integrate this with the output from the sales leader training which includes the creation of personal development plans for each person on their team.

Respondents are invited by email containing a hyper link to the online survey. Alternatively, the same link can be placed on an Intranet site.

Phase 3: Employee Awareness Campaign

Our experience in staff surveys and competency assessments has confirmed that communication and survey promotion are the most important activities to achieve high and accurate response rate.

Examples of communication channels which can be exploited are: Intranet banners, letters, postcard campaigns, posters, email communications and cascaded management briefings.

A managers briefing pack will be distributed to all managers which communicates the following:

  • Competency assessment objectives
  • Competency assessment objectives
  • Data collection approach
  • Reporting
  • Follow up approach

Phase 4: Survey Launch

The key to a successful launch is detailed communication and planning. The materials developed during the employee awareness campaign must be deployed across the business prior to launch. It is essential to convey the ‘key messages’ for the competency assessment to the respondents if maximum response rates are to be achieved.

The benefit of the web-based competency assessment is that it provides you with online real-time reporting.

Phase 5: Survey Results and Reporting

Online Reporting Tool

We recognize that rapid results analysis and feedback are vital to our clients. To address this, we have developed an online reporting tool which allows for flexible data interrogation by our clients (at no additional costs). This is an extremely useful tool which provides reports on all demographic levels at any time during and after the survey. It is also an invaluable tool to monitor response rates throughout the survey.

All results, including paper surveys, will be available through the online reporting tool.

Choose response rate or survey results.

Survey results displayed in a pie chart or table format with percentages (%).

Summary Report

In addition to having access to the online reporting tool, a summary report which will include all the reporting requirements as defined in Phase 1 of this project.

Integratis will make recommendations on sales performance improvement solutions based on the findings and will also provide training, coaching and support for sales managers to review results with individual sales professionals.

We recommend that the survey be conducted annually with appropriate updates to sales training solutions, roadmaps and curriculum.

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