Sales Process

Is selling an art or a science?

What might comprise the answer to this age-old question?

At Integratis we believe that successful selling involves both art and science; and we address both. The ‘Science of Selling’ is all about sales process and the application of sales tools.

The ‘Art of Selling’ is all about sales skills and behavior. Integratis offers solutions to address both the sales process and the sales tools. We also provide skills training to help people develop the art of selling.

Methodology and Tools

The core Integratis sales process is based upon our “Partnership Planning” methodology. This is a completely customer-focused, consultative sales approach which forms the basis for our sales effectiveness programs and focuses on developing a more consultative, solution-selling approach to developing long-term profitable relationships with customers.

Partnership Planning is a unique, consultative selling methodology which we developed in conjunction with leading sales organizations. It includes process, tools and methodology to ensure that the sales people consistently use and apply the process for:


Partnership Plans

  • Long-term development plans
  • Jointly developed with the customer
  • Drive strategic value relationship
  • Guide future development plans

Account Plans

  • For internal discussion
  • Planning with internal management
  • Sales and forecasting
  • Coaching reviews

Opportunity Plans

  • To help the sales team develop their sales strategy to win specific sales opportunities
  • Develops competitive strategy
  • Includes people strategy and buyer decision analysis

Sales Call Plans

  • Planning ahead to enable consultative conversations with customers
  • Focuses on win-win meetings
  • Ensures more productive sales calls
  • Provides tracking and customer history
  • Sales coaching opportunities

The sales tools have been produced using the Microsoft Office software stack and are therefore easily used by sales professionals familiar with these tools. They can be (and have been) easily integrated into any CRM system through customizing the CRM interface.

We have also developed fully integrated solutions which surpass the functionality of traditional CRM systems by providing the sales team with tools designed specifically with them in mind. For more information on these services please our CRM page.

Integratis can enhance and improve your existing sales process and the tools to support it. Integratis has two distinct ways of developing sales methodology and process. The first is that we analyze your current sales methodology, we find out what is working well and what is not. We look for ways to improve the process and methodology and we recommend new ideas based on our experience of working with other world-class sales organizations.

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