Personality Assessment

One of the most difficult challenges facing sales managers is that of building a successful team. Part of the solution lies in providing the sales tools to support the company sales process, another part relates to the selection and recruitment of the right people.

Is past performance a good indicator of future success? Will someone who exceeded their quota in their last role necessarily make quota for you? For many sales managers the only way to find out is to learn the hard way, that is to recruit people and then wait to see if they perform. But this is a very expensive and time-consuming way to approach the problem. There are better solutions available.

At Integratis we have developed a more scientific way to help you find the right people … and even to re-assess the people you already have. The process involves two areas of assessment, one focused on personality assessment, the other on skills assessment. Both can be tailored to reflect your company and the specific sales roles that you have. Our Personality Assessment service is a key element in our unique solutions to improve sales performance. We are able to create personality benchmarks based on the unique success profile of each client and use that benchmark to determine those people who are most likely to succeed in a given sales role. Identifying the best ‘hunters’ and ‘farmers’ in any sales organization is a key to long-term success and productivity.

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