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Integratis consultants help our clients at every stage in the development and implementation of a successful sales strategy. We provide interim executives to take a leading role in developing and building the sales organization. Through our recruiting partners we can help our clients to search for and recruit difficult to find top-performing sales professionals.

Our consultants have all worked in senior sales roles in companies on a global basis. We are sales professionals first, consultants and trainers second. The benefit to our clients is that we have the experience, gravitas and first-hand knowledge to earn the trust and respect of the senior people in our client organizations so we can get on with the job of helping them improve sales performance. Our clients use us because we make a difference. We produce results.

Our sales consulting service encompasses:

  • Clarification of key sales objectives
  • Performance analysis
  • Priorities for change
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training solution design
  • Production of training materials
  • Delivery of sales training
  • Coaching, reinforcement and follow-up

We start by understanding our client’s key sales objectives, their challenges and aspirations. We take into account the sales training programs that have been provided to the sales teams in the past. We see too many companies who jump from one program to another, confusing the sales people and disrupting the adoption of new techniques. We prefer to expand upon prior training, to learn from it and we seek to build on these platforms to further develop and enhance process and skill. We focus on what is needed to provide an integrated training solution, custom-designed to be integrated with previous training, client terminology and existing sales methodology. We integrate our training with the implementation of sales tools such as CRM systems where appropriate. We have a team of consultants able to customize CRM solutions to reflect and reinforce our client’s sales process. We further integrate CRM into our sales training solutions to ensure broader adoption of the CRM tools.

In addition to our sales-focused consulting services we provide similar services in channels and in leadership development. Our experienced channel executives can help to create the channel go-to-market strategy and to define Rules of Engagement for the channel organization.

Integratis consultants help our clients at every stage in the development and implementation of a successful leadership and management development strategy. We undertake research and analysis projects to help define the training needs of the organization and to develop customized solutions to help improve the performance of human capital.

We provide consulting services to help companies successfully implement their go-to market strategy. By applying the highly successful PDR, or ‘Plan, Deploy, Review’ approach, we can ensure that your strategic intent is put into action at the operational level.

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