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Integratis provides customized training programs designed specifically for each of our clients. We have developed leadership programs for groups as diverse as Superior Court judges to I.T. company executives and healthcare professionals.

The training programs comprise both traditional instructor-led training, delivered off-site or at client premises and web-based training delivered online via webinar and teleconferencing.

Our training solutions for managers and executives include programs in:

  • Executive Leadership – helping senior executives to understand how to better lead, motivate and coach the entire organization. These programs focus on helping senior managers to define the strategy; communicate the strategy consistently throughout the organization; and motivate people behind a common strategic goal. The programs draw upon the leadership principles and leadership successes of well-known global leaders; we explain how executives can learn from these principles and apply them in their own environment.
  • Management and Leadership – helping managers to understand how to better lead, motivate and coach their teams. Using a variety of tools and instruments we help managers develop their basic leadership and management skills. These programs include the application of well-known models such as Situational Leadership to help managers adapt their leadership style to suit the situation and the people that they are leading.
  • Coaching – helping people to achieve their full potential. Our programs focus on developing core coaching skills by applying the 6 “P’s” of positive coaching. The programs are often tailored specifically to helping managers to coach people in reinforcing the same skills which our sales and channel training programs are designed to develop.
  • Sales Management – helping sales managers to perform better in their role as managers of the sales team, rather than simply becoming ‘super sales people’. The programs focus on sales forecasting and funnel management; territory management and ongoing development of the consultative selling skills of the whole sales team.
  • Churchill Leadership - helping to develop effective leadership at all levels of an organization, from the first line manager to the CEO. Without effective leadership it is almost impossible to effect change and do something differently. For more details about this engaging and highly interactive course, please contact us.

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