Developing Leaders

In many organizations your top performers are promoted to management positions. They become de facto ‘managers’ by title … but how do they become ‘leaders’?

Fewer and fewer companies have the time or resources to offer long-term management development programs to their managers and executives in the way that some large organizations were able to do in the past.

As a result, today’s management ranks are often populated by high-flying, top performers who were rapidly promoted to management positions in fast growing companies without the benefit of any development programs to equip them with the skills needed to become effective in the management and leadership role. These managers find themselves out of their comfort zone when dealing with increasingly complex ‘people development’ and ‘people management’ issues. Faced with these challenging situations they tend to resort to the task.

Leadership management and operational problem-solving which helped them get promoted in the first place; all this does little to help solve the core problems. We help our clients by designing and implementing training solutions in:

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