Consultative Solution Selling

This workshop helps the transition from a product-led sales approach to a more consultative, services-led solutions approach focused on building trust and long-term relationships with customers.

It is a dynamic two day course teaching new processes and skills on how to sell solutions in a complex and competitive business environment.

All materials are customized to reflect individual teams’ sales situations. Role-plays are developed using scenarios from real-life situations, reflecting typical situations in which professionals operate daily.

Throughout the workshop participants use their own customer data; discussions and exercises guide people through the process. Tools and instruments are introduced to be applied back in the field - thereby ensuring the ongoing reinforcement of the new skills and processes.

  • Develop those sales skills and behaviors which are fundamental to selling solutions rather than products

  • Provide practice in planning Win-Win sales strategies and meetings focused on the customer’s business objectives

  • Provide guidelines in consultative selling skills which are fundamental to successful solutions sales

  • Developing a more 'consultative', business solution sales approach - "interviewing the customer, not pitching"

The workshop enables team members to examine how the consultative services-led relationship develops with the customer. It uses real-life customer situations to provide the catalyst to team discussions.

Prior to the workshop, participants will be given a pre-course exercise designed to get them thinking about their customers from a business, not technical perspective, and to identify opportunities for sales.

  • Consultative Solution Selling uses well proven processes, developed from programs run successfully for top global companies including Corel, EDS, Lucent, Nortel, Sage, Serco, Visa and Vodafone. The core material is tried tested, and customized to client’s requirements.

  • The program is intended for mixed teams of sales, service and support professionals.

Download the Course Details (PDF)

Course Contents

  • Do You Know Your Customer?

  • The Customer’s Buying Team

  • Focus on the Business Issues

  • Selling Value - Customer's Perception of Value

  • Buyer decision analysis

  • Business Value - articulating the value of a technology-based solution

  • Consultative Questioning

  • Planning Consultative Meetings

  • Think Customer’s Customer

  • Long-term win-win relationship

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