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With the experience that Integratis has obtained working with some of the world’s leading sales organizations, we have developed programs for businesses of any size - from the individual to the large corporation.

Integratis works with some of the world’s leading sales organizations. We have helped many corporations define and implement a new go-to-market strategy, and we have developed the sales training to support the implementation of that new strategy. We specialize in designing, producing and delivering customized sales training programs developed specifically for each client. Our large corporate clients engage us to provide a range of consulting services and instructional design services to create effective instructor-led training solutions.

Increasingly we have also partnered with these large corporations to deliver innovative web-based solutions. These new online learning solutions are based on our existing instructor-led classroom content. The solutions we develop for this new webinar based approach seek to preserve the same level of highly interactive training environment as we would have in a traditional classroom setting.

Integratis’ extensive sales training curriculum offers a solution for almost any sales training need. Each of the courses that we offer can be customized to suit your company. Delivered in an in-house session (or via webinar) our solutions offer your company the opportunity to benefit from the same world-class training that we offer to our large corporate clients.

The fact that these programs can be tailored to your needs means that your sales people have the opportunity to apply the training in real-life scenarios based on your company and your solutions. There is no problem of sharing information (as can happen in an open-course environment). These programs are just for you.

Integratis will be offering motivated sales professionals the opportunity to learn from the same materials as used by the world’s leading sales organizations. We have adapted our instructor-led classroom content into a series of online- web-based sales training modules which you will be able to participate in live or via a pre-recorded webinar. These new and comprehensive curriculum of webinars will be published soon.

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At Integratis we recognize the critical importance of the sales manager in leading and reinforcing the skills development of the sales team. We have a range of solutions for sales managers which include both traditional classroom–based training and online, web-based solutions.

For sales managers, we focus on your role as a leader of the team and as a coach of the team . In sports, those two roles are usually provided by two different professionals; in business the sales manager needs to fulfill both roles. The roles require different skills and a set of tools which not all sales managers inherently possess. We can help your company maximize the return on investment in sales training by developing the skills of the sales managers to reinforce the training.

Integratis specializes in developing sales training solutions for the professionals working in the indirect third-party channel sales role. Our curriculum of courses in this area focuses on developing the skills of the Channel Account Managers who manage the relationship with channel partners and also the Channel SE’s who support them. In addition we offer solutions to help develop the sales skills of the sales people working in the channel sales organization itself.

As with our direct sales solutions, all of the channel solutions can also be offered in web-based, online training as well as in traditional classroom-based training sessions.

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