Training for Channels

Integratis provides channel specific training programs designed from the ground-up by, and for, channel specialists. Our programs are not direct sales training solutions adapted for the channel.

They are programs written by experienced channel professionals which have been fine-tuned through many years of experience in working with leading channel sales teams worldwide. The training programs comprise both traditional instructor-led training delivered off-site or at client premises and web-based training delivered online via Webinar and teleconferencing.

Our training solutions for the vendor teams include programs for:

  • Executive Management – helping senior executives to understand how to better lead, motivate and coach the channel organization.
  • Channel Account Managers – helping these key people to better develop their channel management strategy. Our Building Successful Channels program can be designed to focus on channel recruitment (for organizations looking to identify, select and recruit a new or growing channel organization) or channel development (for organizations looking to maximize the return on their investment in an existing network of channel partners) or both.
  • Channel Sales Engineers – helping the Channel SE’s to better understand and fulfill their role as key enablers to the success of the channel go-to-market strategy. Their role is critical to the success of the channel partners at every stage in the development of the channel organization. Our “Channel SE” program addresses this need.
  • Channel Marketing Specialists – helping marketing professionals to better understand the needs of the channel partners so that they can provide appropriate support and collateral to both Channel Account Management teams and to the channel partners themselves. Many marketing people have grown-up in a direct sales environment. Many companies never invest in developing channel specific marketing support for their channel. We help them do that.

In addition to the work we do in training the people in the vendor’s own channel organization, we have worked with many vendors to design and deliver customized training programs which we deliver to their channel partners. In this role we become an extension of the vendor team. The training materials are designed specifically for that vendor. They often carry the vendor logo and our consultants operate as vendor contracted staff. These solutions add value by demonstrating to the channel partners that the vendor is committed to the channel partners’ success. They help the vendor differentiate themselves from their competition – especially important in the complex, highly competitive channel sales environment in which many channel partners are multi-vendor partners selling solutions from multiple vendors.

These solutions are always custom-designed to suit the vendor and have included programs on:

  • Management – especially for small to medium-sized channel partners where they do not have the infrastructure and internal capability of offer management develop programs for their staff. We have developed solutions to address all aspects of business and people management, including:
    • Leadership – how to lead and motivate sales teams
    • Coaching – how to coach sales people for better performance
    • Business Acumen – how to manage the business from a financial perspective

  • Sales– focused on all aspects of improving sales performance, from selling skills to product sales training. The programs are designed to suit the needs of the vendor in developing the sales skills of the channel partners to better sell the vendor solutions. These highly customized courses focus on improving the channel partners’ ability to sell the vendor’s solutions while also offering added value through developing the sales skills of the channel partner’s sales people – a real win-win-win.
    • Selling Skills – everything that the channel partner’s sales teams might need, from consultative selling, to competitive selling, from presentation skills to negotiating. For more information on the many solutions which we have that can be adapted to this purpose, please see our section on Sales Training
    • Product Sales – we have taken the vendors own sales and marketing information and turned this into a professionally delivered sales product sales training program specially suited to the needs of the channel partners

  • Marketing – training solutions to help small channel partners and VAR’s (Value-Added Resellers) to create, manage and implement effective marketing campaigns to support the sales of the vendor’s solutions.
  • Technical – detailed technical training solutions to help the channel partners better understand how to operate and support the vendor’s solutions.

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