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Integratis helps clients to improve their channel sales revenue. We understand Channels. We have designed and developed innovative channel development programs with and for the world’s leading channel sales organizations.

We specialize in helping companies to improve the performance of their entire channel team. We help them get results. Here’s how: we offer channel consulting services to help companies to formulate and structure their Channel Strategy. We work alongside our clients as they develop a channel centric organizational structure; we help them to create the new channel go-to-market strategy. We can provide seasoned channel executives to fulfill key roles in the newly developing channel organization. Bottom-line: our services help our client’s channel strategy succeed.

We provide channel training solutions to help develop the skills of all of the people engaged in improving sales throughout the channel organization. We have unique training programs designed specifically for Channel Account Managers and Channel Sales Engineers who work in the vendor organization. We then work in partnership with our clients to provide vendor-specific sales training solutions to their channel partners. In this capacity we are often working as an extension of the vendor’s own organization to improve the sales results of the channel partners. We add value to the vendor by improving the sales performance of their channel partners and ensuring that the channel sales organization is successful.

We continue to provide channel coaching services; channel coaching to lead, coach and support the channel executives and channel account managers to maintain a focus on continuing improvement. The best of the best never stop training.

The best of the best channel sales teams never stop looking for ways to improve the performance of the entire channel ecosystem. We help them do that.

Integratis offers solutions to help vendors implement their channel strategy more successfully. We focus on three key areas and we develop customized solutions for each client depending on their priorities. In some organizations there are multiple priority areas; for other clients the priorities vary according to different geographic regions or lines of business.

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