Our Approach

Our philosophy is that people do business with people, and they do business with people whom they know, like and trust. We apply this mindset in everything we do and in everything we develop for our clients.

We believe that people are a company’s most important asset, but few companies are able to back that up with real action. Our approach to helping clients improve sales performance is based on the fact that we believe your people, not your product or service, are your key differentiator and the primary reason why customers chose to buy from you.

In developing innovative, unique sales training solutions, we aim to help you maximize your investment in your people. Our goal is the help you develop your people to be the best they can be and to create real competitive advantage.

The Integratis approach is based on a consultative selling methodology in which your customer-facing teams will learn how to develop the skills necessary for them to win in an increasingly complex and competitive market environment.

Practicing what our training advocates, we strive to form trusted client partnerships with the utmost professionalism and the goal of creating a mutually beneficial business relationship. We don’t just provide tools, we consult with our clients throughout the process to understand their needs, designing customized solutions to achieve their goals, implemented via a customized distributed learning solution which includes instructor led and web based training. We improve sales results and revenue goals reinforced with manager coaching. This winning approach plays a role in Integratis’ superb client feedback and explains why clients regularly return to us for more support.

At Integratis this is known as the approach.

Phase I - investigate. Integratis investigates; conducting a full company and process analysis, a detailed needs assessment and thorough understanding of the client and their sales organization. Customized solutions are then developed in consultation with the client.

Phase II - implement. Integratis implements; delivering the customized courses with their highly experienced and professional team. Integratis courses can all be delivered on a global, multi-lingual basis.

Phase III - improve. Integratis improves people and results. Integratis is committed to developing individual potential, to exceed sales objectives to outperform the competition, to accomplish more; our courses realize these goals. We are dedicated to our client relationships to ensuring sustained success. We reinforce successes through manager coaching, re-assessing client’s needs as additional challenges arise, new hires join and advanced training is required.

The significance of the approach in today’s market place

In most industries today, the speed of development continues to increase, this means that companies are more quickly able to catch or surpass the product or service advantage of their competitors. This in turn means that any competitive edge based on a product or service advantage is short-lived. To succeed in the long-term, sales professionals need to understand how to create a differentiation based on the one thing that the customer cannot get from the competition – the knowledge, expertise and insight of your customer-facing team.

At Integratis we provide our clients with the tools and strategies to help you improve business results by providing your people with the skills and processes to succeed in:

  • Sales

  • Sales Management and Leadership

  • Channel Development

We provide effective sales training to create exceptional results.


Our mission is to improve the sales revenue and profitability of our clients by developing the skills of the people in their customer-facing teams. We do this through consulting, innovative training solutions and our total focus on the client. We help our clients achieve their business goals through the expertise and experience of our professionals.



We deliver what we promise. We maintain the utmost confidentiality in all of our dealings with our clients. We seek to be a trusted advisor to our clients. We build our client relationships on a foundation of trust and integrity.

Customer Focus

Our primary goal is to improve the sales performance for our clients. A ‘customer-first’ mentality pervades everything we do. We focus on attention to detail, speed and results. We are keen to measure our success by the success of our client’s business.


We are always available for our clients. We provide client engagement managers who are always available and always accessible to our clients. We aim to be responsive and also to be proactive. We respect our client‘s time and seek to deliver value in all of our interactions.


We are in the business of helping our clients to improve the sales and business professionalism of their people. We hold ourselves to the same values that we seek to develop in our clients. We use the tools and processes that we advocate to our clients. If we say we will do something, we do it.

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