Peter Schmitz

Peter works with large enterprise clients such as Cisco Systems, HP, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom. Peter’s credo is that selling high value services generates long-term relationships with customers, is more profitable for the service organization, reduces volatility in the account team’s pipeline and is more satisfying for the individual than merely selling hardware. Clients use him to evangelize this to their sales force.

Peter has worked extensively with account teams in the crafting and execution of their sales campaigns. His specialism is high stake, big ticket projects where the value proposition is highly value and financially driven and where the main skill required is to create guided consensus.

Over the last 16 years he personally worked with over 7,000 sales and pre-sales people in Europe, North and South America, Africa. Peter is a native German, speaks fluent English and colloquial French. He holds an engineering degree in Video and Audio Engineering as well as an MBA.

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