Tactical Selling Skills

This is a two-day program for mixed teams of sales, service and support professionals. It focuses on the critical success factors for effective selling in a high tech environment. The program encourages sales teams to focus on developing their sales professionalism in order to increase sales revenue and develop more productive sales campaigns.

The workshop is centered on the belief that “the will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win”. Many sales professionals know what they should be doing, but rarely employ the basic selling skills in a consistent manner in their day-to-day activity.

The workshop aims to refresh and reinforce fundamental selling skills and to develop the sales skills of technical support professionals engaged in supporting the sales teams in face-to-face customer calls.

All materials are customized to reflect your teams’ sales situations. Role-plays are developed using real-life scenarios, designed to reflect a typical situation in which your professionals operate on a daily basis.

  • Develop the sales skills required to implement territory and account strategies.

  • Identify the key buying influences in an account and determine their basis of decision in relation to the solutions you provide.

  • Plan and make effective telephone calls to secure face-to-face meetings with senior executives.

  • Improve opportunity management skills to ensure most effective use of selling resources.

  • Enhance the confidence and ability of the sales team to develop and deliver convincing business-based value propositions for the customer and effective sales presentations.

  • Improve questioning skills to develop a more consultative sales style.

  • Help the whole team adopt consistent tools and methodologies to improve team productivity.

Throughout the workshop participants use their own real customer data; there are discussions and exercises to guide people through the process. Tools and instruments are introduced for use when sales teams return to the field – thereby ensuring the ongoing reinforcement of the new skills and processes.

“This was the best training I have ever received, very relevant” “The instructor really understood our business and the challenges we face, great stuff”

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Course Contents

Organizing Your Efforts

  • Planning Your Efforts

  • Developing Your Potential

  • Documenting Your Progress

  • Planning Your Calls

  • Evaluating Your Chances

  • Establishing Your Credibility

  • Consultative Questioning

  • Presenting Your Solutions

  • Selling the Business Case

  • Overcoming Your Obstacles

  • Gaining the Commitment

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