Prospecting Skills

The Prospecting Workshop is designed for sales people who sell solutions into both new and existing accounts. It uses a structured system for identifying and developing opportunities within target customers by providing insight into the company’s goals and operation.

This allows the sales person to engage any new contact knowledgeably and within the contact’s “comfort zone” – i.e. at the right level.

The workshop includes

  • Finding opportunities

  • Structured system for gaining insight into a prospect’s goals and operation

  • Contact “comfort zones”

  • Structuring a call to a new contact

  • Qualifying on the first call

  • Professional Sales Skills

  • Selling to Senior Management

  • Opportunity, Growth and Management

The course includes the essential sales skills required when prospecting to improve each participant’s conversion rate from call to first meeting, to reduce the amount of poor fit bids by improving qualification techniques.

Download the Course Details (PDF)

Course Contents

Introductions & Administration - Introductions of all participants and review of course objectives.

Prospecting in Perspective - Orientation session to cover the need to prospect from the participants’ perspective, ending with the participants determining how many calls they will need to make over the year to achieve their target.

Effective Prospecting - This session will focus on sources of leads, background information and how to interpret publicly available information to gain insight into company strategy, which allows the attendees to engage a new contact within their “comfort zone”.

Telephone Techniques - How to structure the opening of a call on a new contact. Review of key techniques to increase the likelihood of a successful contact and a series of buyer styles.

Commercial Qualification - Fundamentals of qualification that are often overlooked during the early stages of building an opportunity.

Sales Skills & Selling High - This key section covers the techniques required to conduct first meetings with senior executives, including key dialogue skills and questioning & listening.

Exercise: Meeting with VP - Armed with the knowledge of the prospect and the techniques covered so far, the teams prepare and then conduct a meeting with a senior manager or VP to discuss and mine for issues that could be solved by their services and solutions.

Exercise: Opportunity Mapping - Having successfully mined for and quantified the VP’s business problems the participants produce an opportunity mapping document to overview the opportunities identified and who is likely to own the problem within the target company.

Expeditionary Selling - Having mapped out the opportunities within their account, the workshop moves onto opportunity management and growth techniques.

Exercise: Why Your Company? - As a final exercise, participants are randomly asked to pitch their company. Others are asked why NOT their top competition. The results of this exercise are then reviewed to identify gaps in their message.

Close & Review - Review of the workshop and development plans.

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