Global Account Management

A workshop to help your global account sales teams effectively manage their strategic account relationships while maximizing the value contributed by team members in other regions.

This program will provide a platform to determine the overall strategy for a global account through high level selling and regular communication with the senior executives.

The objective is to develop an integrated approach to be agreed and disseminated throughout the whole team, ensuring everyone is aware of the overall goals for the client and the strategy to maximize business potential.

We focus on understanding the client’s global organization and how to manage a widely spread and large team of sales and support professionals. Face-to-face contact is not possible on a regular basis, hence communication is key and information flow a vital ingredient in achieving success.

  • Raise and broaden the contact levels within global accounts

  • Build a strategic approach for each client based on a proven methodology involving input from senior executives

  • Cement relationships at the most senior levels, eliminating competition

  • Identify or create new opportunities

  • Understand the need for communication within the customer and internally, plus how to disseminate information to relevant areas

  • Understand remote management and identifying the skills required to retain overall control

  • Monitor progress, both remotely and face-to-face

  • Increase revenue generation in a dynamic and controlled manner

Selling High

  • Getting appointments with senior executives

  • How to structure the call and what to say

Building a Strategic Plan

  • Medium & long term goals

  • People & their wins

  • Historical data for analysis of future trends

  • Competitive activity

  • Marketing, events, awareness campaigns

  • Proactive selling areas

Management Skills

  • People management

  • Motivation & leadership to maximize team efforts

  • Coaching – remotely and face-to-face

  • Communication skills, with the client and the team

  • Teamwork to achieve the best results

  • Delegation of tasks and opportunities

  • Monitoring progress


  • How to make the best use of face-to-face time

  • How to assess the personal development of people

  • Reviewing opportunities and assessing year-end attainment

This workshop will help the Global Account Managers implement a global account strategy to identify known and new opportunities which the sales teams will pursue using their existing sales processes for specific sales opportunities. Attention is also focused on the management of geographically dispersed people, with particular emphasis on communication and team building.

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