Effective Negotiations

Selling is all about reaching a mutually win-win agreement with a customer for them to buy your products or services for a fair price. Reaching a successful sales however often requires more than just selling skills, it requires an understanding of negotiation skills in order that we can arrive at a win-win (and not a win-lose) outcome. The challenge for sales people is that the skills and processes required in a negotiation are different from the relationship building and strategic selling skills which they need at other stages in the sales cycle.

This one day program introduces sales people to the fundamentals of effective negotiation skills and strategy. The program can be tailored to reflect the most common issues that your sales people face during a negotiation session with a customer.

Participants are encouraged to find new solutions to old problems, to learn from each other and to use new tools which they can apply during the workshop to help them to develop new strategies that they can apply to real, current negotiation challenges.

Effective Negotiations will provide every member of your sale team with the methodologies and skills to:

  • Describe the importance of planning for win-win in negotiations

  • Develop clear objectives for their negotiations

  • Know when and how to say ‘no’ to the customer when necessary

  • Identify and overcome customer objections and unreasonable requests in advance

  • Apply ‘contrast theory’ and develop alternative solutions

  • Define priority interests for yourself and the customer and rank their importance to each party

  • Develop a meaningful alternative to a negotiated solution

This program is designed to help sales people to improve the way they handle basic negotiations with customers. It is based on the premise that there are numerous opportunities for negotiation at many stages in the sales cycle – not just at the close of a deal.

The workshop is highly interactive with a blend of lecture, discussion, and both individual and team activities and exercises. Participants will receive an electronic version of the “Negotiation Planner” tool for use in the future. They will also receive a copy of the best-selling book: “Getting to Yes”.

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Course Contents

Program Structure


  • Understanding negotiations, when and when not to negotiate

Negotiation Planning

  • Negotiating throughout the sales cycle

  • Learning to say “No”

  • Plan for win:win, using the Negotiation Planner

  • Overcoming objections in advance

  • Deciding and ranking priority interests

Negotiation Strategies

  • Hard and soft negotiation

  • Methodology and process of Principled Negotiation

  • Using principled negotiation to negotiate: price and contracts

  • Handling procurement and difficult negotiators

Negotiation Practice

  • Practice negotiating skills

  • Work in teams

  • Real life negotiations

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