Competitive Selling

Competitive Selling is a program designed to improve your teams’ ability to beat the competition – to improve their sales win:loss ratio and to develop stronger, long-term relationships with customers.

Using role-play and team exercises the workshop enables your sales and presales support professionals to analyze their sales situations, to determine when a competitor is active and to prepare for different types of customer objection.

Our research shows that while most sales people understand objection handling basics, few actually apply a proven methodology when faced with objections during a sales call. We help to identify the typical objections and develop their skills in overcoming these objections effectively. There is ample opportunity for each participant to practice these new skills to ensure that they are confident in applying them back in the field. In an increasingly competitive business environment sales teams need to develop their strategy, skills & confidence to enable them to win more business than the competition.

Competitive Selling will provide every member of your sale team with the methodologies and skills to:

  • Identify when a competitor is active in a prospect or customer

  • Select and adopt the appropriate competitive selling strategy

  • Build roadblocks for the competition

  • Employ effective objection handling technique

  • Identify and prepare for the typical objections which they can expect to encounter when selling your solutions

  • Confidently handle objections which relate to competition and competitive solutions

  • Articulate competitive differentiators

The program has been designed for both direct sales teams and for the sales teams of your indirect channel partners to improve their ability to handle the competitive threat.

Competitive Selling is a highly customized workshop, focused specifically on your competitive landscape and typical objections which your sales team face. There are extensive role-play exercises (always referred to by participants as the highlight of the course). The workshops are based on bespoke case-study material that we develop with you in a pre-course consulting engagement.

Download the Course Details (PDF)

Course Contents

  • Your competitive landscape

  • Focus on Value

  • Developing a winning strategy

  • Building competitive roadblocks

  • Identifying objections

  • Handling competitive objections

  • Developing differentiators

  • Consultative questioning

  • Identifying the hidden objection

  • Objection handling practice (Role Play)

  • Turning objections into commitment

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