Compelling Presentations

Presentations are a key element of the sales process. Sales people need to be adept at developing and delivering sales presentations which will convey the desired message to the customer or prospect. For many sales people the ubiquitous powerpoint slides have become a ‘crutch’ for sales people who no longer engage the customer in effective dialogue.

This program aims to build skills and confidence in delivering more customer- focused, engaging presentations in which the presentation is more interactive and less one-way didactic delivery which fails to impress the customer. Participants are encouraged to try new methods of presentation delivery with different media and can be video-taped in a ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenario.

Participants will learn new techniques and will develop new presentations with fewer slides which create greater customer impact. The program builds confidence in personal presentation styles and the ability to adapt the delivery to suit each customer audience.

Compelling Presentations Selling will provide participants with the methodologies and skills to:

  • Identify the key people in the customer team and determine what they are looking for in the presentation

  • Write clear and concise SMART objectives for their presentations

  • Understand the power of stories when conveying a message to a customer

  • Learn how to maintain customer interest and involvement throughout the presentation

  • Reduce the 40-slide deck to 10 slides

  • Decide the appropriate media to use and gain confidence in using different media

Brevity and Impact

  • PowerPoint pitfalls

  • Creating impact

  • Brevity in slides and bullets

  • The 10, 20, 30 rule

The workshop is highly interactive with a blend of lecture, discussion, and both individual and team activities and exercises. You have the option of having the participants be video-recorded while they deliver sales presentations and receiving individual feedback and coaching in private sessions with the instructor.

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Course Contents

Planning and Preparation

  • Planning win-win meetings

  • Working with others in a presentation meeting

  • Research before the meeting

  • Preparing to use different media

Adapting to the Audience

  • Listening and looking for signals

  • Audience social styles

  • Different individual learning styles

  • Audience perceptions and receptivity (Chasm Theory)

  • Crafting the Message

  • Keeping things strategic not tactical

  • The Power of Stories

  • Maintaining interest

  • Changing your focus throughout the buying cycle

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