Building Successful Channels

This program will enable channel sales and pre-sales professionals to develop successful long-term relationships with their Channel Partners to increase revenues, market share and partner satisfaction.

One of the most difficult challenges facing any channel sales team is to effectively develop the partner channel. To be effective the channel sales professional needs to be sensitive to the needs of the Partner’s business and people. In addition to providing sales guidance to the partners, they need to develop business planning, performance review and coaching skills to lead the Partner toward the appropriate win-win.

Building Successful Channel includes tools and instruments for use in the field and delivers new skills and knowledge for your channel sales and services professionals to be successful.

To provide the knowledge & skills to:

  • Understand the business of a Channel Partner and build a joint Partnership Plan that will form the basis for the ongoing relationship.

  • Develop effective joint value propositions with each partner to enable channel managers to increase sales through the partner, maximizing sales revenue for both companies.

  • Identify those Partners most likely to be profitable and productive for your company and develop the best partners by selling the value of a business partnership with you.

  • Differentiate your company as the preferred vendor in the eyes of the partner and learn how to use new tools to enable them to manage the partner channel to increase revenue and partner satisfaction.

  • Add value to the Partner operations through: business planning; reviewing performance; managing your resources;motivating and coaching; forecasting and pipeline management.

No two company’s Channel Strategy is identical. Each program is customized to the business requirements of each client. This program is unique. It is designed specifically around the needs of each client’s team and organization.

The program provides participants with the necessary skills and information to achieve their objectives, and implement their indirect channel strategy.

Tailored case studies and role plays allows participants to practice their new skills testing and improving their performance in a “no penalty” environment to gain expertise and confidence for the real world.

The program develops relationship management skills of channel managers helping them increase revenue streams from established partners ensuring a continual win-win for the partner and you.

The key enabling technology in this workshop is the introduction of the “Partnership Planning” process. This develops a relationship based on a business-focused approach rather than on product feature/ function. It helps channel managers to identify new business opportunities for the partner that increase revenue and differentiates your in the eyes of the channel partner.

Building Successful Channel uses well proven processes, developed from programs run successfully for top global companies including Cisco, EDS, Lucent, Nortel, Sage, Visa and Vodafone. All material is tried, tested and customized to your requirements.

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Course Contents

Introduction and Channel Strategy - Workshop introduction – Agenda, Aims and Objectives. Review of your corporate channel strategy – challenges, successes and goals.

Partner Situation Profiles - Using a pre-work exercise, each person will bring details on one of their key partners, they will define the issues facing the channel team and decide on the best ‘target partner’ for each table group to use in the workshop practical exercises.

The World Through Their Eyes - Put yourself in the shoes of the partner’s management team. What would their objectives be? Why will they work with you? What is their perception of the value of the relationship?

Select and Recruit the Best Partners - Develop the ‘Ideal Partner’ profile for your company. Construct a matrix to identify partners in different operational segments, geographies and situations. Define a partner qualification checklist to identify the best partners.

Your role as the Expert Consultant - Identify how channel managers can add value to their partner’s business and sales efforts through their expertise and knowledge. Introduction to consultative power bases and how to develop their consultant role with the partner’s sales team.

Win-Win Partnership Planning - Understand the importance of partnership plans as the basis for successful sales and long-term channel relationships. Each team will develop a detailed Partnership Plan for their selected target partner. This plan will form the basis of a team presentation.

Building Value into our Partnership Plans - How should your sales value proposition be adapted to suit the channel organization? What differentiates you from your competitors in the eyes of the channel partners? (e.g. training, marketing, resourcing).

Selling the Plan Strategy and Tactics - Each team will build a sales plan for their target partner. Focus will be on developing a plan to sell the value of the relationship with your company and the differentiators over the competition.

Managing Obstacles in Partner Management - What objections can we expect to face? How will we overcome the obstacles that we can expect the partners to present? An opportunity for role-play and practice in face-to-face meetings.

Managing the Channel Relationship - Performance analysis to identify areas of weakness or opportunities for over-performance. Basic leadership and coaching skills to enable you to adopt the virtual team leader role with the channel sales teams. Sales performance reviews.

Forecasting and Funnel Management - Applying a sales funnel analysis methodology to analyze a partner’s sales performance and improve sales productivity. Improve the sales forecasting skills of the partners.

Partnership Plan Review - Each team will plan and carry out a presentation, to a senior management team, observed by the rest of the group, of their plans for their target partner. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

Conclusions and Action Plans - Review of what has been learned and how each person intends to put the new ideas into effect. Agree dates for manager follow-up, reinforcement and coaching.

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